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December 12, 2007

Dear Gary

We have enjoyed your/our rocking chair for nearly a year now, and without a doubt, it is the most comfortable rocker in existence!.

The chair has been much admired, but none of our friends have been brave enough to order one, despite my assurances as to how easy it is and what incredible value it is with the present exchange rate.

Anyway, this is just a short note to say thanks again to you and your team.

Happy Christmas!

Birmingham, England

December 07, 2007

Hi Gary:

Thanks buddy, the art work arrived today in perfect shape. In fact, I'm sitting on your fantastic walnut side chair as I'm writing this. My ass feel great and Marilyn is able to recognize me by the "J" on the back of your chair, which by the way is tasteful and beautiful. You ARE da man!


Caspar, California

November 13, 2007


My wife and I love our new rocking chair. I thank Mr. Weeks for sending a rocking chair sooner than December second. My wife said that this rocking chair is now considered a family heirloom, and rightfully so, being that it is very well crafted.

My confidence in your company is based on how informative your website is. Plus your company is confident in your product. I admire that a lot. Plus talking on the phone with Mr. Weeks sealed the deal. I knew I was going to get a great product. I got more than that. I have something that will be passed down for generations to come.

Thank you so much for your product. Have a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and a wonderful new year. I will spread the word of your rocking chairs.

Until then . . .

A.S. Columbus, Georgia

November 12, 2007

I have been meaning to write today to let you all know — it has been one of those days in the markets.

We received the crate on Thursday and I was able to unpack it only on Friday (got home late Thursday). I had a half day off on Friday since I had to babysit my newborn daughter. So I unpacked it Friday afternoon.

The crate arrived safely, without any damage, and I slid the chair right out just as directed.

What a beauty. It really looks fabulous. The inlay is just what I had in mind — I really appreciate the work on it. And the wood and the construction is just solid and really beautiful.

And it was a treat to spend Friday afternoon with the chair unpacked and the ability to sit and rock in it. My daughter loves it — just to be held and rocked.

And I'd like Gary to know that my wife — who eyed it suspiciously when she first saw it — eventually sat in it and rocked and I think has come around to it (though it might take a couple of weeks for the admission to come out). I think she appreciated the fact that Italy appeared in front of Tennessee and Kentucky lest anyone wonder who's in charge here.

But we love it — it's a very welcome addition to our home and something that I hope we will have and cherish for many many years.

Thanks again for the wonderful craftsmanship, the beautiful materials and the attention to service. It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

I'll get a picture in the mail, and I hope to hear about Gary's Italy trip when he returns.


New York, New York

November 01, 2007


It did take a leap of faith, but when I first talked to you I was reassured! It also takes a leap of faith for you to make a chair for someone you don't know who may not take care of it.

The chair is beautiful. I smile each time I see it, sit in it, or rock. And it fits me, 5'3", and my husband, 6', just as you said it would. I have had to restrict his use of the chair to be sure it is always available for me. In fact, I have threatened to install a "rockometer" in order to monitor the number of rocks he has put on the chair. Do you have a "rockometer"?

I would love a tour of the factory, and I would like to meet you all.

Thank you,

Pine, Arizona

November 01, 2007

We love the chair; it is beautiful and comfortable, just as advertised.

M. & P.H.

Carlsbad, California

October 12, 2007

My chair arrived in perfect condition. It exceeds all expectations —beautiful in contour and in workmanship — a feast for my eyes and comfort for my back as well as a perfect fit for my bottom! Many thanks!!!!


Birmingham, Alabama

October 12, 2007


The chair is a winner! Thanks so much.


Davidsonville, Maryland

October 04, 2007

. . . once again thank you for the rush on the rocker — everyone loves it.


San Francisco, California

September 27, 2007

Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you — we have been out of town. However, we were here when our chairs arrived promptly and in excellent condition. They sit even better than I remember and my husband, who was just a tad dubious about what I was doing, declared them to be "really comfortable" about five minutes after they arrived. And they are just as beautiful as they are comfortable. It is great that there are still artisans like you out there plying your craft. We know we will be sitting pretty for years to come.


Brydstown, Tennessee

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