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August 22, 2007


The rocker arrived as scheduled. The truck came while R. was at the grocery and I was able to hide it before she returned. We opened the box the next day. We were very pleased with what we removed from the box. R., our family and I thought the chair was the most beautful and comfortable we had seen. We have two more grandchildren on the way, we will rock babies for many pleasant hours.


Spartanburg, South Carolina

August 20, 2007

Hi Gary,

Got the curly cherry rocker this morning. There was no damage and the chair is beautiful. Very nice work and a pleasure to sit in. Thanks so much for being so dependable and easy to work with. Hope to do more business someday. Thanks again for beautiful and comfortable rocker.


Walker, Missouri

August 20, 2007

You bet Gary! I thank you and salute your artistry

all persuasions — no violence


Bellingham, Washington

August 14, 2007

Thank you — the chair and stool arrived as promised, and is even lovelier than I had remembered.


Missouri City, Texas

August 09, 2007

Dear Gary,

Yes, I meant to e-mail you earlier! The chair is fine. I love it. BAX Global was easy to deal with, and they even specified a range of four hours for delivery, which was helpful.

Just so you're informed, there was a small hole in one side of the box, about large enough for a finger, but it was opposite the back of the chair. No problem.

It's really soothing to have the beautiful, comfortable chair and stool.

Thank you.

Oakland, California

August 08, 2007


Thanks for writing. I should have written you by now.

The chairs arrived on schedule and are beautiful as well as extremely comfortable. They are in our kitchen around a table that L.’s dad refinished 30 years ago and had featured prominently in her childhood. The chairs work very well with the table esthetically, too. I suspect we will end up ordering 6 more for the dining room eventually.

The mahogany sample was clearly marked and has been set aside for a rendezvous with our furniture painter.

Best to all, and thanks for the info about Marshall.


Wolfboro, New Hampshire

August 06, 2007


Our chairs arrived on Thursday as planned. The surprise was perfect — my wife drove in the driveway just as they were being unloaded from the delivery truck. They're beautiful, and we're very pleased.

Thanks again,

Lafayette, Colorado

August 03, 2007

It's here!

Looks very handsome. We are happy. We are even talking about a cherry chair, but I'll have to come back to you on that.

Thanks — it's beautifully crafted and of course comfortable.

D. and D.M.

New York, New York

August 01, 2007

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to mention to you that I get a lot of pleasure from your furniture on a daily basis.

All the best,

Santa Monica, California

August 01, 2007


The rocking chair was delivered this afternoon as scheduled. Within 10 minutes of unwrapping it, my grandson was asleep in my arms (see attached)!

It’s a lovely chair and is in perfect condition.

Thank you,

Mountain View, California

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