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January 18, 2007


The rocker was indeed delivered on Monday, Jan 15; apparently it got stuck in Memphis and was not here for Friday the 12th as we had originally hoped, but with the ice storms between you and us, we certainly understood the delay.

The rocker was in great condition; the UPS guy even stuck around to help Richard unscrew the wood frame and remove the rocker from the box because he was so impressed with the solidity of the shipping container and was curious to see what everything looked like inside!

You must use the best corrugated cardboard available; I tried to break down the top portion of the box to put into recycle, and it will take some time to get it into recyclable pieces (our trash company is really picky about the size of items we put out weekly). But the bottom box (the one with the frame on the bottom) is going to be recycled as our 5-year old granddaughter's "mobile home" as she calls it. She was here for the day when the truck came and was ecstatic to have the box to play in! We have moved it to a downstairs room off the walk-out basement until nicer weather prevails — then we will take it outdoors and she can imagine trips to her heart's content.

So then she came indoors, helped take off the bubble wrap, sat in the chair with me to give it a "test drive", and then proceeded to wrap herself in the bubble wrap to make a princess dress for herself. Later this week, we will have the new granddaughter come over so we can all rock her in the chair. It is beautiful and fits well into the space we made for it in the study-TV room.

Thank you for such a lovely product and for the excellent communication you provided regarding shipping, etc. We hope to enjoy this for many years.

R. and L.W.

Maryland Heights, Missouri

January 16, 2007

We unpacked the rocker last night. The wood is beautiful and workmanship is outstanding. The chair will be a lasting memory for our 22 anniversary. I wish I was home sitting in it now. I look forward to one day bringing it back to Texas.


Murfreesboro, Tenneesee

January 15, 2007

Hi Gary, hope you and your family had a good Christmas. I just wanted to email you to tell you that my husband T. was thrilled with the chair (it was clearly a surprise too), and that our entire extended family sat in it on Christmas Day and thought it was great! It now looks fantastic in our "family room", which is where we spend most of our time.


Melbourne, Australia

January 12, 2007

Good Friday morning, Gary!

Given to me as a birthday present by my husband, your (now MINE!) rocking chair is the most beautiful, most comfortable piece of furniture we have every seen! It is obvious that it has been expertly crafted by caring hands from extraordinary selections of wood. It is quite perfect! It is the only chair that my oddly crooked tailbone has ever felt comfortably resting in!

Delivery went without a hitch, as the delivery man helped me unscrew, cut, tear and uncover this work of art that will be treasured for generations!

In fact, we are so impressed, we are considering purchasing some of your dining room furniture. Would you be able to send us a sample of the "hand-planed" surface? Or, if not possible, could you email a photo of this option to us?

Fine job on your website, as well! It is chock full of useful information!

Many thanks and best wishes!

West Hartford, Connecticut

January 10, 2007


Thank you so much for following-up. Yes, we received the chair and it is absolutely beautiful. My wife loves it!!

It looks great in the room with the baby furniture. I'll send you a picture if I get a chance. (in between naps . . .)

We are both looking forward to many years in this fine chair.

Thank you again.

Take care,

Springfield, Pennsylvania

January 08, 2007

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know that we love the rocking chair you made for us. Sometimes, especially late at night, rocking is the only way we can get our little 8 week old Brendan to sleep. Thank you and Happy New Year!


San Francisco, California

January 02, 2007


Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond but this fall has been very busy.

The rocker is my office chair where I spend 40+ hours per week seated in it. (I am a psychiatrist). By now I have logged over 600 hours in the rocker. I believe it has helped me with my struggle with knee arthritis which was aggravated by hip surgery in 2005 and the bad effects of the Eames Chair I had been using. Thank you.

Regards and Happy New Year,

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