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April 12, 2007

Gary —

Yes, the chair arrived yesterday; it's beautiful . . . and very comfortable.

Thank you. That was the easiest furniture selection, purchase, and delivery ever!


Salt Lake City, Utah

April 10, 2007

Gary and Leslie —

The chair arrived, as promised, in perfect condition. It is beautifully made, beyond our expectations, and we're delighted with it. Many thanks.

C. and F.K.

Cranbury, New Jersey

April 09, 2007


My chair is parked in my living room. Along with the foot stool. Apparently UPS called me yesterday, while I was away from work. Anyway, they delivered the chair and stool around 10 o'clock. Both are in excellent shape and true works of art. I am very pleased with the walnut wood. And very happy I decided on walnut.

I was only able to sit in it for a brief time, since I had to come back here to work. Anyway, it was a rather cold sit. The chair had not warmed up yet. The weather here has taken a drastic turn back toward winter, and I doubt if the UPS truck sat in a heated garage last night.

Next to my chair (here) are some selected reading assignments that will be going home with me. After I get a fire started in the stove, I will plant myself in the most comfortable chair in the universe.

Thank you very much.

Des Moines, Iowa

April 06, 2007

Hi Gary —

Just want to let you know that the chair arrived intact. It's a beautiful work of art and we all love it, especially J. You and your "company" can be proud of the work you do and the smiles you bring to so many. I know I'll be a repeat customer.


Vacaville, California

April 04, 2007

We love the chair; really is functional art! Thanks again.


Long Branch, New Jersey

April 04, 2007


The rocker is here, and is comfy and gorgeous! J.D. arrived on 3/22, and my husband D. arranged to pick up the rocker before we were discharged from the hospital. We are looking forward to many years of enjoying the rocker.

thanks much,

Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 27, 2007

Hi Gary,

The rocker and stool arrived today and all I can say is "WOW"! After unpacking I sat and rocked awhile. The longer I rocked the More comfortable I got — it truly felt as if I melted right into the chair. The stool is also very comfortable, both as a foot rest and as a seat. And Beautiful — the construction, the graining of the cherry — I can't compliment you enough. Thank you so much, You have made Grandma and future Grandbaby very happy.


Louisville, Kentucky

March 26, 2007


My rocker was indeed delivered Monday by a very nice deliveryman. The box, and the rocker inside, were in fine condition.

First, my rocking credentials: I have always had a bit of a rocking compulsion (it must be genetic, because my mother is the same way). As far back as I can remember, I have rocked in whatever chair I happened to be sitting in, whether or not it was intended to be a rocker. It's not much of an exaggeration to say that I have owned and worn out more rocking chairs than the average person will sit in in his or her lifetime.

I note all this only so that when I say that my Weeks Rocker is far and away the best rocking chair I have ever experienced, you will get the full import of my words. As soon as I uncrated the rocker and sat in it, my first remark was "Whoever designed this chair loves to rock." I had read all the testimonials on your website, but even so I was honestly amazed at the way the chair truly cradles and supports my body (for the record, I'm 6'1" and about 185 pounds). Actually, I scoffed at the comments from people who claimed to have fallen asleep in their rockers; however, later on the first night after mine arrived, I found myself so relaxed in it that I had a hard time staying awake. Even my wife, who doesn't share my enthusiasm for rocking and who considered my previous rocking chairs to be little more than eyesores, found my Weeks rocker to be both beautiful to look at and incredibly comfortable to sit in.

I am so thrilled that the weeks of waiting and anticipation paid off so well, and I am looking forward to enjoying my rocker for, well, the rest of my life! Once our new house is pulled together a bit more, I will forward pictures. Feel free to add my testimonial to your website if you like.

Thanks so much —

Apex, North Carolina

March 25, 2007

Hello Gary:

Yes — we have them, and they're just what I expected: excellent!

I also apologize for not writing to you earlier that they'd arrived in good shape, and right on time . . . So thank you very much; you do truly fine work.

All the very best

St. Maarten, the Netherlands

March 10, 2007

Please excuse my delay in responding to your email. But an email seems an inadequate vehicle by which to express my delight and gratitude. I hesitated sitting in my rocking chair at first, taken aback by its beauty. It is comfortable and enveloping; solid yet easy for me to move across the carpet; exquisitely built, and gorgeous to behold. I am thrilled with it. The cherry wood was a perfect choice – the chair looks at home in the room. All of you are artists of the highest order, and I am honored to have one of your pieces.


Sherman Oaks, California

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