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May 11, 2007

Hi Gary,

To be honest, I cannot remember if I have emailed you since the chair was delivered . . . So I'm making sure by emailing regardless.

The chair arrived without damage and is magnificent! S. loved it from the start, and has barely gotten out of it since coming back from the hospital on Tuesday with our baby boy (C.). It is remarkable how soothing the rocking motion is both for mother and baby, and she has dozed off numerous times with C. cradled comfortably in her arms.

It is a big hit, and was delivered with perfect timing!

Thanks again for all the effort.

Calgary, Alberta

May 11, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that the rocking chair was delivered on Wednesday and my husband and I absolutely love it! We could not be more thrilled!

Thank you so much for making us (and our soon-to-be-born baby) the beautiful rocking chair!
I know we will use it, cherish it and keep it for years to come!


Chicago, Illinois

May 11, 2007

Hi Gary!

I know that J. and I emailed you a few weeks ago to let you know that the chair arrived and that we love it, but I am writing to you again, b/c I just want you to know how much I LOVE THIS CHAIR!!!!! I sit in it everyday and it is so comfortable and beautiful! Thank you so much for such a fine piece of furniture. It already is the favorite piece of furniture we own!

Thanks again and take care,


Sammamisha, Washington

May 09, 2007

Hello Gary.

We are already enjoying our beautiful chair. What an example of form and function. I have never experienced such smooth wood and we are amazed at its velvety touch even on the cross-grain ends. We are so appreciative of your art and craftsmanship in every detail of this family heirloom.

As an occupational therapist (retired), this chair is not only artful, but should be in every physical rehabilitation center, and, at least in every home. The vestibular (sometimes called the "sixth" sense) input from rocking forward and backward stimulates this important neurological system, which serves to balance and regulate output of the body's neuro-muscular centers. Putting it in behavioral terms, last night, I noticed, after rocking for several minutes a lingering feeling of well-being and relaxation. I felt that I had just arrived back from a brisk walk around the neighborhood or maybe even a massage! Just running your hands over the soft curves of this chair charges another sensory system — tactile input. Visual senses are awakened just walking into the living room . . . . . this chair just lures you to sit down!

So far, R. and I have not argued once about who gets to sit in our rocking chair, but we are definitely aware that most likely it will happen one day. We are thrilled, Gary, with your chair and impressed with your professional services surrounding the shipping, delivery, and customer satisfaction. We seldom see this kind of craft and art anymore and are so pleased that we have been a part of it. Thanks to you and to your family for your dedication and vision. It is poetry.


Minden, Nevada

May 08, 2007

Dear Gary:

The rocker arrived in perfect condition and it is beautiful — everything I expected. My husband says it's a work of art. My son — who is 20 — first said, "How come you got that?" Then last evening (as he sat in it), he said, "I know I wondered why you bought this rocker, but I find myself sitting in it every time I come into the room." He was there again this morning! (My answer to him was that I bought it because it looked beautiful and I think rocking is soothing and relaxing for all of us.)

Thank you so much!


Chalfont, Pennsylvania

May 02, 2007

Gary — it arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and I couldn't be happier. It is a very beautiful piece of craftsmanship and without a doubt one of the nicest things I own.

Thank you.


Annandale, Minnesota

April 24, 2007


The chair arrived last Thursday without incident and we couldn't be happier. The wood and craftsmanship are superb. Anne's been sitting in the chair every free moment she gets and even dozed off in it the other night.

Thanks for a great transaction and for such a great chair. We're happy we found you, and we expect the chair to become a treasured family heirloom future generations will fight over.

Thanks again.

J. and A.Y.

Sammamisha, Washington

April 23, 2007

It arrived promptly and in perfect condition — several days before your first estimated date. And it is gorgeous! Thank you very much,


Westcliffe, Colorado

April 19, 2007

it's just arrived, and GORGEOUS, of course!

Thanks again. Love the work. Can't wait for my first rocking session this weekend!

Best wishes —

Garrison, New York

April 17, 2007

Hi. I called your office earlier to say how beautiful the chair is. Really special. I am sure T. will be pleased. Glad to have helped.


Greenwich, Connecticut

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